Get Graphic

I grew up on 70's Rock & Roll, from Led Zeppelin to The Rolling Stones, and I've always idolized the style of their lead singers. Robert Plant's leather pants, grungy t-shirts and messy hair; nothing is cooler to me. I think that's why I've always been partial to graphic tees. I used to scour thrift stores for them in college, but I'm loving these cleaned-up versions that work in a casual office under a blazer or on the weekend with a frilly skirt and leather jacket. They really add the perfect dose of personality to any outfit. 

Groupies not included! 


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End of Season Steals

There's nothing I love more than unpacking stored clothes from last season and exclaiming "OMG I forgot I bought that!!" And that is just why I love "end of season steals." You may only get to wear them once or twice, but come next year, you're so happy (and surprised) to see them again. 

This silk maxi dress from Chaser screams end of summer; an easy silhouette, a vintage-inspired ethnic print, and soft colors. I think you could even get away with it into October with a bootie, cardi, and wool hat. 

Chaser silk tapestry maxi dress- $39 (was $198)

For the next few weeks, it's a perfect match with simple, flat leather sandals and a chic pair of sunnies. 

links: leather flatssunnies

A transitional bootie, chunky cardigan, and wool hat take this dress well into fall. 

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