December Favorites

For me, this winter has been all about staying hydrated and finding ways to feel pretty despite the frigid temps. Here in New York it's been 15 degrees every day since Christmas and it's projected to stay that way for another week. Feeling cute has never been harder. 

Luckily I have a few new products in my arsenal that have been making it a little easier. 

Necklace:  Maria Pascual , Face Oil:  Fig & Yarrow , Rings:  Icarus + Co  and  Vrai & Oro , Hair Powder:  R+Co

Necklace: Maria Pascual, Face Oil: Fig & Yarrow, Rings: Icarus + Co and Vrai & Oro, Hair Powder: R+Co

Simple jewelry can make a big difference about how you feel. Lately I've been loving signature items that I can wear every day with every outfit. A coin necklace, stacking rings, and these little hoop earrings have been on repeat this month. 

My hair is a constant struggle. It's fine, heavily bleached, and soaked with sweat just about every day from exercise. I never thought I had the type of hair that could go days without washing but this hair powder from R+Co has made it possible. In fact I almost like my hair better on day 2!

Last year during a cold snap in February I broke out in a horrible red rash all over my face. My dermatologist solemnly told me I had rosacea (!!!) and prescribed me a litany of cleaners and topical ointments. After not loving my skin despite months of this new regimen, I went back to my favorite Biologique Recherche products. This winter, I'm determined to keep my skin hydrated and this face oil has been helping a ton these last few weeks. My skin seems happy and healthy despite the daily exposure to cold and wind.